Force-feeding equipment


These items were used to feed people against their will. The wooden object with the hole in the middle was used as a gag to keep the person’s mouth open. The rubber tube was threaded through the hole of the porcelain funnel, through the hole in the gag and down into the stomach. Liquid food was then poured into the funnel. From 1909, force-feeding was used in British prisons against hunger-striking suffragettes. It was also used against hunger-striking conscientious objectors during and after World War I. This particular set of force-feeding equipment was used at Walton Gaol, Liverpool. It is a powerful reminder of the suffering that some suffragettes and conscientious objectors endured for their beliefs.


Walton Gaol, Liverpool


about AD 1900


early twentieth century British


rubber, wood and porcelain


funnel width at widest point: 11.5 cm, at narrowest point: 3 cm; height: 11.5 cm
mouth gag length: 5.5 cm; width at widest point: 3.5 cm, at narrowest point: 1.5 cm
rubber tube length: 120 cm; diameter: 1 cm
wooden spiral mouth opener length: 10 cm; width at widest point: 3.5 cm, at narrowest point 0.5 cm


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