The State Entry into Delhi

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The State Entry into Delhi


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Archive photos of the Delhi Durbar

Source: beau-geste.com

Visit the site http://www.beau-geste.com/newtoy/Durbar1903/nten01.htm

Five details of the painting

PDF file

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A short archive film of the Delhi Durbar

Source: colonialfilm.org.uk

Visit the site http://www.colonialfilm.org.uk/node/1956

Slide showing details for classroom feedback

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Three comments about the painting

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Installing the painting

Source: youtube.com

This time-lapse video of the painting being installed for an exhibition in San Francisco gives an idea of its size.

See this video on youtube.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kC3fi1N65hE

Outside the classroom

Many museums across the country built their global collections during the British imperial era. In general they display these objects in their original context, but they also explore the different ways in which these objects were acquired. Country houses which belonged to colonial officers often contain important collections.

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Source: bristolmuseums.org.uk

Visit the site http://www.bristolmuseums.org.uk/bristol-museum-and-art-gallery

Liverpool Museums: World Museum

Source: liverpoolmuseums.org.uk

Visit the site http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/wml

Manchester Museum

Source: museum.manchester.ac.uk

Visit the site http://www.museum.manchester.ac.uk

Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery

Source: rammuseum.org

Visit the site http://www.rammuseum.org.uk

National Museum of Scotland

Source: nms.ac.uk

Visit the site http://www.nms.ac.uk

Kedleston Hall

Source: nationaltrust.org.uk

Home of Lord Curzon and his rich collections acquired while Viceroy.

Visit the site http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/kedleston-hall

Powis Castle

Source: nationaltrust.org.uk

Powis Castle contains the collections of Robert Clive and many objects acquired at the time of the defeat of Tipu Sultan in 1799.

Visit the site http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/powis-castle

The State Entry into Delhi