Charles Edward Stuart’s travelling canteen

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The Jacobite rebellion produced strong feelings among its opponents, stoked by fear of the French and of Catholicism in general and by the view that it represented a genuine threat to the Hanoverian regime. The Duke of Cumberland’s victory at Culloden and his brutal reprisals against the Jacobites generated deep hatred among supporters of the rebellion. Clandestine allegiance to the lost cause of Jacobitism did not take long to resurface after the events of 1746 and later became tinged with a nostalgic romanticism that continued into the 1800s and beyond.

The Pope’s Scourge


Broadside against Charles Edward Stuart; 1745.

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The battle of Culloden with two women Jacobites in the foreground; 1746.

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Woman’s garter


Made of silk with a Jacobite motto – see final object for explanation; 1745.

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Paper fan


Showing Charles Edward Stuart, Flora MacDonald and the Hanoverians in retreat; 1745.

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Jacobite sentiments were often expressed in toasts; made in Liverpool or London; 1749.

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Wine glass


Charles Edward Stuart with Prince of Wales feathers above and thistles; about 1765.

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Stoneware drinking jug


With explanation of the reference to ‘the rump’; about 1760.

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Charles Edward Stuart’s travelling canteen