Memorial ring for Charles I

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Medals were commissioned by both sides during and after the Civil War. They might be given in recognition of military service as happens nowadays or to be worn as symbols of loyalty – more like modern badges. As with the commemorative ring, circumstances might make it prudent to wear a medal discreetly around the neck. Here is a selection of royalist and parliamentarian medals issued for different purposes.

Cast silver gilt medal


Cast silver gilt medal featuring Charles I and the future Charles II; AD 1643.

See more See more: https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/beta/asset/cast-silver-gilt-medal-of-king-charles-i-by-thomas-rawlins/-QEppYs-tkMpig

Medal featuring Charles I and a scene of the Houses of Parliament


Medal featuring Charles I and a scene of the Houses of Parliament; AD 1642.

See more See more: http://www.britishmuseum.org/research/collection_online/collection_object_details.aspx?objectId=952522&partId=1&searchText=charles+I+medal&images=true&people=129522&from=ad&fromDate=1640&to=ad&toDate=1660&object=21613&page=1

Medal of Charles I


Medal of Charles I, intended as a military reward.

See more See more: http://www.britishmuseum.org/research/collection_online/collection_object_details.aspx?objectId=952308&partId=1&searchText=Charles+I&images=true&object=21613&page=1

Medal of Cromwell


Medal of Cromwell, issued as a military reward for those present at the battle of Dunbar; AD 1650.

See more See more: https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/beta/asset/-/0QFMC4zrjeGa1g

Medal of Cromwell


Medal of Cromwell to commemorate his elevation to the Protectorate; AD 1653.

See more See more: http://www.britishmuseum.org/research/collection_online/collection_object_details.aspx?objectId=952210&partId=1&searchText=Oliver+Cromwell&images=true&object=21613&page=1
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Memorial ring for Charles I