Portrait of Richard III

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Renewed interest in Richard in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries has led to a re-evaluation of Richard’s character and leadership. Those attempting to undermine the Tudor propaganda aimed at portraying him as a ruthless villain point to his sense of piety, the reforms passed in the only Parliament held during his reign, his generosity, military leadership and the loyalty he won from his followers. This selection of objects touches on some of these aspects of his reign.

Seal of Richard, AD 1461 – 1462


Richard was appointed Lord High Admiral of England in 1462, while he was still Duke of Gloucester.

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Gold coin; AD1483 – 1485


When Richard came to the throne he declined gifts of money and abolished the forced benevolences that had been introduced by his brother Edward IV.

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Cap badge; late AD 1400s


The wild boar was Richard’s symbol. This silver badge was probably owned by a nobleman. Richard was a good lord and had loyal supporters prepared to go to war for him, especially in the north of England.

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Boar badge

This badge was found on the battlefield at Bosworth.

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York Minster

Richard had planned to build a college for 100 priests at York Minster. What little had been built by the time of his death was torn down on the orders of Henry VII.

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Book of Hours

This prayer book, known as a Book of Hours belonged to Richard and included a specific prayer requested by him.

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Portrait of Richard III