Anglo-Saxon royal rings

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During the reigns of Æthelswith and his sons, England was divided between the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons. The Æthelswith ring was found not within the kingdom of Wessex but in Yorkshire, which was part of the Viking-controlled Danelaw. Other examples of Trewhiddle style rings have been found in the Danelaw, and a mould for Anglo-Saxon style jewellery has been found at York. This may be the result of Viking raids, but some archaeologists have argued that it is evidence of a more peaceful mixing of Saxon and Viking styles.

Somerset brooch


A brooch found in Somerset; made in the 11th century with Anglo-Saxon style gold beading and scalloped boarder, and Viking-style tendrils and animals.

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Baptism of Christ


An Anglo-Saxon style panel showing the baptism of Christ, found in southern England. It is made from walrus ivory probably obtained through Viking trade links.

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Viking hoard


A Viking hoard found in north Yorkshire. It contains three Anglo-Saxon coins which may have been the spoils of a raid or obtained through trade.

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Ædwen brooch


Silver disc brooch of Ædwen, a silver brooch found in Cambridgeshire. The disc shape and the division of the decoration into curved shapes is Anglo-Saxon, the animals and interlaced rings are Viking.

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Yorkshire Anglo-Saxon ring

A gold ring, Anglo-Saxon style, but found in Yorkshire.

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Anglo-Saxon royal rings