The Sutton Hoo helmet

A bigger picture

The Sutton Hoo helmet and some of the other objects buried with it demonstrate Britain’s contacts, direct and indirect, with Europe and other parts of the world.

The Story of Valsgärde

The design and imagery of the helmet as well as the ship burial itself are paralleled by examples found in Sweden. This video introduces the burials at Valsgärde in Sweden: begin at 2:38 to see a burial similar to that at Sutton Hoo.

Watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwkMveO-5ak

Sutton Hoo helmet plaque


This scene on one of the plaques shows a mounted warrior trampling his foe and is derived from similar Roman images. See a much earlier Roman example on the Object file for the Tombstone of a Roman cavalryman.

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Sutton Hoo helmet garnets


The eyes and wings of the flying beasts are inlaid with garnets which came from India or Sri Lanka.

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Found with...

Silver spoons with Christian imagery and Greek inscriptions

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A hanging bowl from the Celtic west of Britain

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Gold coins from France

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Silver bowls from Byzantium (present-day Istanbul in Turkey)

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The Sutton Hoo helmet