Ivory salt cellar from Benin

For the classroom

Ivory salt cellar showing Europeans


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Painting of Afonso de Albuquerque

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Painting of Afonso de Albuquerque, Portuguese general and empire-builder.

Visit the site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afonso_de_Albuquerque#mediaviewer/File:Afonso_de_Albuquerque_(with_Santiago_cloak).jpg

Brass manilla


Brass manilla; probably AD 1800s.

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Brass plaque


Brass plaque showing the Oba with kneeling supporters and Europeans: the European figure on the right holds a manilla; AD 1500s – 1600s.

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Brass figure of a European


Brass figure of a European, probably Portuguese, with a musket. He wears early sixteenth-century military clothing, but the style of his musket dates to the late seventeenth or early eighteenth century. The figure was probably placed on an altar in the Oba’s palace.

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Brass plaque showing a Portuguese trader


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Ivory mask


Ivory mask decorated with heads of Portuguese. For more information see the following link.

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Information about the ivory mask above

Source: britishmuseum.org

Visit the site https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/beta/asset/ivory-mask/YwEcUb_gRSUFrw

Portuguese trade routes

Source: stephenhicks.org

Map showing Portuguese trade routes in the AD 1400s and 1500s.

Visit the site http://www.stephenhicks.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/trade-routes1.jpg

Tribal Eye

Source: youtube.com

Tribal Eye video narrated by David Attenborough. Excerpt showing a brass plaque showing a meeting between the Oba and Queen Elizabeth II (29:45-30.25); excerpt on Europeans on the brass plaques: 32:33-34:36.

See this video on youtube.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2sU3zTVkI4

Outside the classroom

Here is a selection of museums with relevant collections.

Manchester Museum

Source: museum.manchester.ac.uk

Visit the site http://www.museum.manchester.ac.uk/

The Horniman Museum, London

Source: horniman.ac.uk

Visit the site http://horniman.ac.uk/

The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

Source: prm.ox.ac.uk

Visit the site http://www.prm.ox.ac.uk/

Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow

Source: glasgowlife.org.uk

Visit the site http://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/museums/kelvingrove/Pages/default.aspx

Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter

Source: rammuseum.org.uk

Visit the site http://www.rammuseum.org.uk/

British Museum

Source: britishmuseum.org

Visit the site http://www.britishmuseum.org

Ivory salt cellar from Benin